Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So Here we go

Well the time has come for me to share my thoughts and rants on this wonderful thing called the Internet. In a world of chaos and controversy there are many things occurring that affect all our lives. Some you will find interesting and others you will simply think what the hell is this guy waffling on about.
That is the beauty of the Internet, one can post whatever they like and offer their own views and opinions on any subject matter in the world.  Feel free to disagree and be insulted or vice-versa agree and think "wow, thats great" it is your right as an individual with his/her own rational brain to make your own decision on anything you might find here.
I am no Rhodes scholar but will simply share my thoughts and ideas on certain things happening in our wonderful world. Feel free to comment. like/dislike etc and share your own thoughts and ideas on anything you might find here.

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