Saturday, 19 October 2013

Live animal export Cruelty and Brutality..

Now firstly let me say I am not vegetarian. I love my meat and support the meat industry here in Australia. What really troubles me is the vision I have seen on the internet and the reports i have read in the way that the animals used for live export are treated or rather mistreated and abused. 
I understand that some countries require the killing of animals in certain ways and rituals because of their religious practices but that should not mean that these animals suffer torture and abuse in the process. Many of the countries these animals, namely cattle, sheep and goat,arrive at  have no laws to protect them form the cruel practices that are used at the so called abattoirs in these places. Thousands of them don't even survive the sea journey initially and those that do arrive at the destination are transported, handled and slaughtered in appalling and disgraceful ways. Most of them have their throats slit while conscious where I understand that the normal practice is to stun them initially so that no pain or prolonging of death is endured. It sounds gruesome alone but like i said I do like meat and support the meat industry but DO NOT support the cruel and barbaric methods of the slaughter of these animals.
I do recall a Four corners episode on the ABC revealing these heinous methods in Indonesia especially. Our government MUST ensure that if this Live animal export is to continue then the practices we have adopted in Australia MUST be adopted in the receiving abattoir in whatever country the animal is destined for. The industry is important for the survival of our farming community and industry and if it was stopped completely would have diabolical consequences for the hard working farmer. The Department of Agriculture MUST take responsibility in the strict regulation of this industry and ensure that animal welfare is first and foremost the main priority.  

The following link leads to the website Ban Animal exports and the video does have some content that some people might find disturbing. Watch it at your own discretion
Live export — a history of disasters #BanLiveExport

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