Thursday, 3 October 2013

Putin for Nobel Peace Prize??

Oh my God I couldn't believe what i was reading today. Talk of Vladimir Putin being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize nearly made me regurgitate. This man leads one of the major nations of the world and has such backward attitudes towards things. He is anti -gay, anti 0 Chechnya and anti - Georgia. By his lack of action to abolish the anti gay laws of Russia and does nothing about the Russian violence in Chechnya and Georgia, how on earth can this egotistical moron be considered for the Nobel peace prize. Might as well nominate the President of Syria as well. What is the world coming to when such a bigoted individual can even be considered for such a prestigious award. There are far more worthy candidates that have achieved much more in the realm of Peace in the world. Vladimir Putin is not in the same league as these people. God help us!

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