Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Homophobia - A blight on Society

It saddens me to read yet another teenage suicide from Bullying simply because the person had finally found the courage to be who they were and not hide their sexuality anymore. Within hours of this coming out the horrendous bullying started. Facebook taunts, Twitter taunts, schoolyard verbal assaults. This young person had put up with it for weeks. It is a sad state of affairs when a person cannot be who they are without such viciousness which ultimately leads to the death of a human being who had the world at their feet.
This was not an isolated incident and is happening too much. The homophobia that exists in this world is ridiculous and abhorrent. Every human being has the right to be who they are. Homosexuality is not chosen, you can't catch it, it is not a disease. It is in your genes. You are born homosexual you simply do not choose to become gay.
It does not help when we have world leaders sanctioning homophobia in their own country as is happening in Russia and it does not help when the leader of a country is adamant that same sex unions/marriage will not be legal or recognized as is happening in Australia. How archaic and totally against all forms of civil rights. This is 2013 for goodness sake not 1925. Until world leaders show a tolerance and acceptance then unfortunately the undertones of homophobia will always be there.
For those religious fanatics who constantly claim it is against the Bible and the laws of God well let me tell you that Jesus, the son of God, God himself accepted every human being for who they were. He would not turn away someone simply because they were gay. The church still has a lot to answer for but hopefully will see the light of acceptance one day.
We need to start with the Governments first and all countries that still have such anti - gay, homophobic under tones need to take a long hard look at the New Zealand Government and what they have achieved. When they passed the same sex marriage laws did we see any sudden infliction of "gayness" on heterosexuals??? Of course not. Quite ludicrous to think that it is a blight on the human fabric to accept and tolerate homosexuality and same sex marriage. The Blight is on the continued Homophobic attitudes around the world in our communities. IT MUST CHANGE.

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