Saturday, 19 October 2013

Live animal export Cruelty and Brutality..

Now firstly let me say I am not vegetarian. I love my meat and support the meat industry here in Australia. What really troubles me is the vision I have seen on the internet and the reports i have read in the way that the animals used for live export are treated or rather mistreated and abused. 
I understand that some countries require the killing of animals in certain ways and rituals because of their religious practices but that should not mean that these animals suffer torture and abuse in the process. Many of the countries these animals, namely cattle, sheep and goat,arrive at  have no laws to protect them form the cruel practices that are used at the so called abattoirs in these places. Thousands of them don't even survive the sea journey initially and those that do arrive at the destination are transported, handled and slaughtered in appalling and disgraceful ways. Most of them have their throats slit while conscious where I understand that the normal practice is to stun them initially so that no pain or prolonging of death is endured. It sounds gruesome alone but like i said I do like meat and support the meat industry but DO NOT support the cruel and barbaric methods of the slaughter of these animals.
I do recall a Four corners episode on the ABC revealing these heinous methods in Indonesia especially. Our government MUST ensure that if this Live animal export is to continue then the practices we have adopted in Australia MUST be adopted in the receiving abattoir in whatever country the animal is destined for. The industry is important for the survival of our farming community and industry and if it was stopped completely would have diabolical consequences for the hard working farmer. The Department of Agriculture MUST take responsibility in the strict regulation of this industry and ensure that animal welfare is first and foremost the main priority.  

The following link leads to the website Ban Animal exports and the video does have some content that some people might find disturbing. Watch it at your own discretion
Live export — a history of disasters #BanLiveExport

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Death of Mark "Chopper" Read

The Death of Mark Chopper Read has me dumbfounded. I have read on Facebook so many R.I.P messages and people showing signs of grief and sorrow. Have they forgotten what this man was???
Chopper Read was nothing but a viscous murdering criminal spending more than 15 years in prison for various violent offences. He himself had admitted to murdering people "about 7 " in his own words and also admitted to being involved in the murder of up to 19 people. His offences also included armed robbery, arson, assault and kidnapping to name a few.
On his release from prison he embarked on speaking tours and authoring several crime related novels which mad him infamous and some members of society began treating him like a celebrity. This in itself is ludicrous. A convicted criminal with a long history if violent crime becoming a celebrity. Just ludicrous.There will be no sympathy from me or no hint of sorrow at the passing of this person.
I wonder if Adrian Ernest Bailey, the rapist and murderer of Jill Meagher in September in 2012 or even Martin Bryant who murdered  35 people in Port Arthur Tasmania back in 1996 was to contract cancer and die the public emotion and show of grief or sorrow would be apparent. I expect not. So why should this man be seen as any other light than Adrian Bailey or Martin Bryant.
What a terrible blight on society for people to be holding this man up in some sort of honorary status at his passing. This man does not deserve the sympathy that he seems to be attracting and I for one am not in the slightest bit saddened or sorrowful at his passing.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Homophobia - A blight on Society

It saddens me to read yet another teenage suicide from Bullying simply because the person had finally found the courage to be who they were and not hide their sexuality anymore. Within hours of this coming out the horrendous bullying started. Facebook taunts, Twitter taunts, schoolyard verbal assaults. This young person had put up with it for weeks. It is a sad state of affairs when a person cannot be who they are without such viciousness which ultimately leads to the death of a human being who had the world at their feet.
This was not an isolated incident and is happening too much. The homophobia that exists in this world is ridiculous and abhorrent. Every human being has the right to be who they are. Homosexuality is not chosen, you can't catch it, it is not a disease. It is in your genes. You are born homosexual you simply do not choose to become gay.
It does not help when we have world leaders sanctioning homophobia in their own country as is happening in Russia and it does not help when the leader of a country is adamant that same sex unions/marriage will not be legal or recognized as is happening in Australia. How archaic and totally against all forms of civil rights. This is 2013 for goodness sake not 1925. Until world leaders show a tolerance and acceptance then unfortunately the undertones of homophobia will always be there.
For those religious fanatics who constantly claim it is against the Bible and the laws of God well let me tell you that Jesus, the son of God, God himself accepted every human being for who they were. He would not turn away someone simply because they were gay. The church still has a lot to answer for but hopefully will see the light of acceptance one day.
We need to start with the Governments first and all countries that still have such anti - gay, homophobic under tones need to take a long hard look at the New Zealand Government and what they have achieved. When they passed the same sex marriage laws did we see any sudden infliction of "gayness" on heterosexuals??? Of course not. Quite ludicrous to think that it is a blight on the human fabric to accept and tolerate homosexuality and same sex marriage. The Blight is on the continued Homophobic attitudes around the world in our communities. IT MUST CHANGE.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Putin for Nobel Peace Prize??

Oh my God I couldn't believe what i was reading today. Talk of Vladimir Putin being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize nearly made me regurgitate. This man leads one of the major nations of the world and has such backward attitudes towards things. He is anti -gay, anti 0 Chechnya and anti - Georgia. By his lack of action to abolish the anti gay laws of Russia and does nothing about the Russian violence in Chechnya and Georgia, how on earth can this egotistical moron be considered for the Nobel peace prize. Might as well nominate the President of Syria as well. What is the world coming to when such a bigoted individual can even be considered for such a prestigious award. There are far more worthy candidates that have achieved much more in the realm of Peace in the world. Vladimir Putin is not in the same league as these people. God help us!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Boats and Asylum seekers

A very controversial topic for Australians is the arrival of the illegal boats carrying Asylum seekers. These people have fled various countries for fear of persecution of government authorities or from war torn countries. It is a very sad situation.
I am not against Asylum seekers wanting a new life free from violence and persecution and I welcome them to our wonderful country. But what really irks me is the illegal way it is done. There are hundreds of genuine Asylum seekers who have applied through the correct forum to receive asylum and unfortunate for them for every boat load that turns up these legitimate or properly applied seekers are made to wait even longer while our government deals with the illegal boats arriving. some could be waiting years for their application to be approved as the government has to deal with the boat people. I feel for them.
The boats have to stop to make the system fair and viable for ALL asylum seekers.

So Here we go

Well the time has come for me to share my thoughts and rants on this wonderful thing called the Internet. In a world of chaos and controversy there are many things occurring that affect all our lives. Some you will find interesting and others you will simply think what the hell is this guy waffling on about.
That is the beauty of the Internet, one can post whatever they like and offer their own views and opinions on any subject matter in the world.  Feel free to disagree and be insulted or vice-versa agree and think "wow, thats great" it is your right as an individual with his/her own rational brain to make your own decision on anything you might find here.
I am no Rhodes scholar but will simply share my thoughts and ideas on certain things happening in our wonderful world. Feel free to comment. like/dislike etc and share your own thoughts and ideas on anything you might find here.